Annalisa Volo Genova & Flippo Genova Pizza Express Henrico VA 23229

Annalisa Volo-Genova was born and raised here in Richmond, Virginia. Annalisa was raised from the age of two in her parent's restaurant. From the early age of 13, Annalisa mastered every area of the restaurant until she was running the business by the age of 20.

Filippo Genova was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. Filippo moved to the United States when he was 15 and worked for his cousin's family restaurant in Pennsylvania. For six years, Filippo was a key member to the growth and success of that restaurant.


Filippo and Annalisa met at family gatherings in Pennsylvania. Their families knew each other as they were from the same small town of Carini, Italy. The moment Filippo met Annalisa, he knew that she was the woman he wanted to marry. At the age of 21, Filippo moved to Richmond, Virginia to be with Annalisa. Here he worked for Annalisa's family restaurant for two years. In 2007 Filippo and Annalisa opened their first restaurant Pizza Express Westend. The following year they were married. They now have 2 daughters named Giulia and Vanessa. 

In 2016, Annalisa and Filippo decided to extend the family business and asked their brother and sister to join them and brought the family dream alive by opening Casa Italiana. This is when La Famiglia LLC. was formed. Each were able to bring experiences and knowledge from the past years to the partnership to come together stronger than ever.

We are celebrating our 14th year anniversary here at Pizza Express. We value each customer and family we have met through the years and have had the pleasure of serving. We love what we do! We'd like to thank all of you of your continued support of your locally owned Italian restaurant. 

From our famiglia to yours...